Thursday, 28 June 2007

I am in love with a boy named Louis!

And I need money to buy him!

I might love dollfies, but I'm not paying out that much money for one, even if he is the most sexy piece of plastic I've ever seen. One day when I'm rich, I'm gonna buy every doll they have on that website, and go to all the bjd picnics they have at cons and cosplay with my dollfie(s).

Margo and Louis are my favourites, but they're both so gorgeous it'd be unrealistic to cosplay any characters with them. Mabel is just ADORABLE, but so cute she'd never be able to cosplay any character who had some kind of evil streak (my favourite characters!). So, reason tells me to buy Dorothy, because her face lends herself to pretty much any character I want to do, good or evil.

Heh, like it matters. It's not like I can afford to spend that much money anyway.

I must sound like such a weirdo to people who don't know anything about BJDs, which to be honest, is probably 99% of the people reading this blog. Just let it be known that I'm one of those people sad enough to do something like this:

Oh yeah, here's some eye candy for ya.


Emperor Sabranan said...

Yay! Decent quality pic of you finally.

Replaces the one where you have... You know... THAT hair...

Ceri said...

Well, there's more where that came from.

You'll also be glad to know that I have a brand new blonde wig, too. ^_^