Saturday, 23 June 2007

List of possible cosplays

I promised someone I'd post this up here, so here it is. A quite substantial list of characters I hope to cosplay one day. I've blurred out the names, because I don't want people to know what costumes I have planned for the next ten years (it actually could take that long to make that many costumes, considering how many cons I go to in a year). The list continues to grow, too.

Below is proof that I have too much time on my hands.

A really knowledgeable anime fan could probably figure out the characters by the pros and cons I've listed for each. Anyone who can guess them all correctly gets a badge of honour on this blog. Only if you get there first though! Haha! Clue - they're in alphabetical order.

I bet in ten years time when I've forgotten all about this blog, someone will email me with the correct list, and I'll be like 'Oh yeah, I forgot all about that!'. I'll probably also laugh at how different my list of possible cosplays back then (now) is to my list of actual cosplays (in the future).

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