Friday, 22 June 2007

Media of the moment

Yes, it's a dance off skit - the most overdone type of skit in existence, but this is actually a good one.

I love Launch. She's by far the best character in Dragonball. She just seemed to disappear from existence in Dragonball Z though, which was rather disappointing. I'm suprised they didnt bring her back for Dragonball GT - they brought enough stuff back for that from the orginal Dragonball series that really shouldn't have been brought back.

Just some information about Launch for people who don't know her before you watch this skit. She changes personality whenever she sneezes. One personality, she has blue hair and is really nice and a bit naive. Second personality, she has blonde hair and likes to shoot things. She is really commanding and shouts alot.

Yes, she is on my (seemingly neverending) list of possible cosplays, except I need a con in the height of summer to wear a costume like that.

Anyway, enjoy the skit. The film quality isn't that great. Live with it.

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