Monday, 4 June 2007

My deprived childhood

A certain friend of mine tells me that I must have had a deprived childhood since I'm 20 and I still like the Powerpuff Girls. I know for a fact that I'm not the only one my age who still likes stuff like that. I suppose it is a little embarrasing, maybe. I wouldnt admit it to a crowd of strangers, I'll admit (and yet here I am posting it on the internet), but I'm sure everyone in the world has some embarrassing hobby or interest that they wouldn't admit to others. I'm sure I must have more than most people though. In fact, the large majority of my interests/hobbies I wouldnt tell everyone else.

Elsewhere in the world, I've finished putting the straps on my legs for my Dagger cosplay, but I'm having trouble finding buckles. I don't want to make them myself if I can help it. If anyone knows where I can buy 3 inch tall buckles in silver, let me know! Also, my grey wig for my Fujin cosplay is in the post, so should be here in 10-20 days! Yay!

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Sabranan said...

Yes well to be honest I don't really mind. But the idea of it does make me... Uncomfortable. In a kind of "what the hell is she doing?" way.

But hey, I do things like start debates on incest mainly to make other people feel much the same way so I guess I shouldn't complain.