Saturday, 2 June 2007

Things going on at the moment

I've just finished my exams for this year of uni, so that's good. In theory I should have lots of time on my hands, except for that my evil boss is making me work. I agreed to work one week, and he's not even asking me any more! He's just assuming that I'm available all week every week! It's amazing the amount of people who have left since we had this new manager in. I'm sure one of the big guys in the company have gotta notice some time soon the correllation between the fact we have a new manager and everybody's leaving.

Cosplay costumes are coming along well at the moment. Planning to go to ALcon in Leicester in September, and I'm making one costume for each day of the con. I'm reusing my Android 18 costume again, as well as making Dagger from Final Fantasy 9 and Fujin from Final Fantasy 8. I'm updating the costumes on regularly, so keep checking back.

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