Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Wonderful, terrible news!

I found out today that there's gonna be another manga evening in Torquay, which is great! I always have so much fun there! Plus, I get to cosplay there, and anywhere where I get to cosplay can't be bad. It's on 1st August.

So, in conclusion,
Wonderful news: YAY! MANGA EVENING!
Terrible news: OMG! That means I have a whole month less to get my costume made! I now have one month left to finish either my Dagger or Fujin costume, as opposed to two. At least I don't have to finish them both by then, but I'll need to finish my sister's Sakura costume. Bugger.

In other news, my Dagger wig came through the post today. It's very long, and needs a bit of restyling, but it looks good.

Also, there's a pond/lake at the top of my road, and with all this rain we've been having, it's majorly overflowed. Bit of a drama on my street today. They had to get fire engines and stuff to pump all the water out. It's been going in peoples' houses! Hasn't reached my house yet. Don't think it will now. We've had news crews on our street too! They were doing a live TV broadcast earlier on our street. Me and my sister Sophie were gonna go streak or something while they were filming that, but decided not to. Sophie did scream out of the door, but you couldn't hear her on the TV. Oh well.

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