Friday, 6 July 2007

Artemis Fowl in the glory of PHP programming!

Heh, this is rather fun. It shows random quotes from the Artemis Fowl books. It just shows how well I know the books when I can tell you who said each quote and in which book they said it.

Note to Ian - refresh the page and it'll show a different quote. See how many you can get. I'm quite distraught. I don't know the one on my screen at the moment.

'Ignore everything except the wheel and the pedals and you'll be fine.' I'm sure that has to be the Opal Deception, since it's the book I know least well, but I really can't think who said it to whom. Having said that though, it's more than likely either The Seventh Dwarf or LEPrecon. I just found a quote I KNOW has to be from LEPrecon, since it's about Root's brother.

I got it from (not to be confused with Best Artemis website I've seen. It has plot holes and mistakes there even I didn't notice.

They also have a game programmed in Perl on there that's driving me nuts. I'm so bad at it! It basically takes you through the first chapter of the first book, but they've deviated from it a little, and I can't do it! Garrrgh!


Nindra, creator of the quotesig said...

Hey! Thanks for writing about AFC. You've just made mine and other AFCers' (well, at least mine, Voldy's (he made the graphic to the image) and the Perl-game-maker's) day by writing about our creations. Big thanks.

The "ignore everything..."-quote is from The Opal Deception, said by Mulch.

And don't forget the Perl-game's help file and Second chapter.

Ceri said...

Well, I've finished the first chapter now. I'll get around to the second chapter later.

Are those quotes from the American version or the English/Irish version? There are a few quotes I seem to remember being worded slightly differently.

And thanks for commenting my blog. I like comments ^_^

Nindra said...

UK-versions. Actually the quotes are taken from AFC (because I'm too lazy to collect them by myself, and none would care to read Finnish quotes). :)

Ceri said...

Get someone to put in quotes that Mulch says to Loafers at the airport. There are some classics in there. They never fail to make me laugh.

Oh, and when Foaly as the voice of the Cube tells Spiro 'I lied. It must be the criminal personality I'm developing.' Have you heard the audiobook by Nathaniel Parker? He is a legend. He's got all the voices spot on, especially Foaly. When I read the books now, I hear Foaly speaking like that.

I could go on all day listing good quotes from Artemis Fowl.

Oh, and by the way, your contact us page on your website isn't working. I was going to email you to tell you that one of your goofs might not be a goof and a few more that I've noticed.