Thursday, 26 July 2007

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I have nothing to say. I've just worked my first of six consecutive work days. At least I know ReCon will be there waiting for me when I get to next Wednesday.

Katamari on the Rocks from We ♥ Katamari is the song of the moment.

Ordered Death Note mangas vols 1 and 2 from Amazon last night. They'll be coming soon, so I'll have something to read, even though I've yet to finish reading Earthian and Dr Slump 12 yet.

When I bought Earthian, I was really excited. After all, it's a yaoi about angels! How bad can it be? Oh yes, it can be THAT bad. It doesn't deserve the yaoi title. It's not even shonen-ai. Two kisses in four books does not a yaoi make. Besides that, the story is boring, and although the artwork is good, I spent half of my time trying to figure out what gender half of the main characters were. I give the series one star out of five, only because of the secret garden story in volume 4 and Lord Seraphim's death.

I have nothing to type. Gawd, I'm so bored.

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Here is Mikuni from Eerie Queerie - A REAL HOMOSEXUAL MAN FROM A REAL HOMOSEXUAL YAOI. Not that rubbish Earthian that was pretending to be yaoi when it wasn't it was so boring. Eerie Queerie on the other hand had be enraptured from start to finish.

That man really knows how to smoke a cigarette. Why are all of the gorgeous ones gay? (Well, I suppose if you're going to read yaoi, then that's all you can expect).

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Hey look! Hasunama is taking his shirt off! LET'S LICK HIM!

I am in such a random mood right now.

Okay, I'm going now. I'll leave you this lovely picture of Mitsuo and Hasunama (match made in Heaven!) to make the guys reading this feel slightly uncomfortable.

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Oh yeah, something else funny that happened while I was writing this post. Talking about yaoi, my sister said that although boy's love stories are cute, she wan't something a little more sexual now. She wants a bit of c**k now and then.

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