Monday, 30 July 2007

Last minute rush job

I'm sure I can't be the only cosplayer who, despite planning a costume months in advance, is always left doing something on the final few days before the con to finish their costume. I'm off to a con in two days, and in preparation I wanted my own and my sister's costume washed. I'd been nagging my mum for weeks to do it. I wanted it done far enough in advance so that if anything went wrong in the wash I'd be able to fix it in time before the con. So, yesterday, Fujin and Sakura go into the washing machine. When they come out, Fujin's jacket zip is broken, and the white parts of Sakura's costume are now pink. Gah! I'm working today and tomorrow, so the only opportunity I'm going to get to fix it it literally hours before the con. It's just lucky that I happened to have a spare zip lying around. This is just extra stress that I don't need before a con!

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