Monday, 16 July 2007


I'm beginning to get really excited about going to ALcon now, but I have a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen. On Friday night I dreamt I went to ReCon and it totally sucked because there was something wrong with my Garnet wig (although I'm wearing my Fujin costume to ReCon, Garnet's going to ALcon). On Saturday night I dreamt I went on a trip with a load of people, but there wasn't enough space in the hotel for me so I had to stay in a barn and I was very angry. Last night I dreamt that me and my sister went to a concert where they were having a cosplay masquerade, but we had so much other stuff to sort out we couldn't be in the masquerade and I was really upset. It's a terrible omen!

It's getting so close on Gaia now between Edmund and the Von Helsons. They're both so close to the top but I think Edmund might win. Damn him! I've done the Von Helson quest three times now, so I'm unable to help them any more. Please let them win! Edmund was losing by loads on Friday!

I hadn't checked the bars since Saturday, when Edmund's bar was still only half full. Imagine the heart attack I had when I logged in this morning to find this. I think I'll cry if Edmund wins.

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