Monday, 9 July 2007

Tokyopop ReCon

I'm now officially wearing my Fujin costume to Tokyopop ReCon at the beginning of August. I prefer this costume to my Princess Garnet costume anyway, but now I've had the decision made for me. My sister's friend is going as Orochimaru and has bought exactly the same wig for him as I have for Garnet. Since I have no desire to turn up with the same hair, I'm going as Fujin instead.

The pinwheel's already broken twice. I've managed to fix/hide the damage, but I'm sure sooner or later it's going to break beyond repair. Luckily enough my dad has an almost neverending supply of wood, so I can make another if that happens, but my paint supply isn't quite so neverending.

If it gets to ALcon in Leicester in one piece it'll be a miracle. Hell, if it gets to TORQUAY in one piece it'll be a miracle.

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