Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Top 10 sexiest male Final Fantasy characters

Yes, I am THAT bored right now.

10. Kuja
Yes, the man who looks like a woman and wears a ‘thong’, but there’s something about him I find really attractive. I like it when he goes all poetic. If you read between the lines though, he’s got a major thing for Princess Garnet. It just so happens that I’m cosplaying her though. :D

9. Leon (Squall)

Okay, so we’re technically talking about Kingdom Hearts now, but he’s a new incarnation of a Final Fantasy character, so we’ll let him count. No Rinoa in Kingdom Hearts, but there are several ideas about where she is, so it’s hard to say the situation on whether he’s taken or not.

8. Rufus
He is just amazing in Advent Children. I love his voice and the way he looks when he throws off his shaul in front of Kadaj. Still single!

7. Irvine
I’m not sure what my attraction is with Irvine, but I love him. He likes ladies and lots of them, but by the end of Final Fantasy 8 he’s kinda taken. It was such a tough call for 6th place between him and Laguna.

6. Laguna
My attraction to Laguna has ebbed away a little bit, but he’s still cool. There are three perspectives you can take on him after the end of Final Fantasy 8 - he's either happily married, mourning for his dead wife or regretting not marrying Raine before she died.

5. Kadaj
That hairdo. Wow. I don’t need to say any more. Shame he’s a bit of a psycho.

4. Reno
He’s so damned sexy in Advent Children, but I liked him back in FF7 when he was made of pixels, meaning I had first dibs. His personality is a bit...different to the others I’ve listed here though. I don’t know if a relationship would last with him. You know that if some bad guy tried to kill you you'd be in safe hands with Reno.

Beautiful voice. It was when I saw him in Dirge of Cerberus with his Turks uniform that I first really looked at him in that way. He’s got a troubled past and still on the rebound from Lucrecia, even though that was years ago.

2. Seymour
Yes, he has a really camp voice. REALLY camp. But I still love him. He just has a face that you need to grab hold of and snog, but be careful you don’t poke your eye out with his hair. Sure, he murdered his father and wanted to kill everyone else, but he had a very troubled childhood – it was almost predictable. He’s technically married to Yuna, but the circumstances of that marriage make it insignificant. He's completely untrustworthy though.

1. Balthier
He just oozes smecksy. His picture alone can’t do him justice. You have to hear his voice. He’s He comes out with the best one liners and just seems to know everything. Possibility of jealousy from Fran, but other than that he’s single! I’m ashamed to admit that I can apply the word ‘fangirl’ to myself as far as Balthier is concerned.

I'd like to hear some other people's opinions on this list, whether they're FF fans or not.

It's ironic that the person I chose as number one is pretty much the total opposite of the other nine.

Well, that was a waste of an hour.


yuffiestrife15 said...

Nah, I'd say that Balthier is at least similar to Reno, in a way.

And hey. I liked Reno in pixel form too, you know.

I'm also a fan of Cloud from when he was in FFVII (none of this AC bullshit). His head shot made him look so... pretty (despite his chocobo hair). And he really had his moments. He was like this somewhat serious guy who occasionally let really funny things slip. "Let's mosey" is a good example of that.

Personally, I probably owuld have put Reno and Rufus higher on the list, but I can see Balthier as a #1. He's a sexy sexy sky pirate.

Ceri said...

I've never been one to fall for main characters in anything, so Cloud never had a chance with me.

I am just totally in love with Balthier's voice. WOW!

I do like feminine men. When you look at that, I'm not sure how Kuja ended up at number 10. I think he's just TOO girly though.

Lilah said...

Thanks for writing this.

Axel said...

Reno is mine and he is sexier in crisis core

gureisu said...

I say that kadaj is the cutiest and most handsome among them all...
he's just like... trapped in his past?
i don't know..
all i care is his looks