Friday, 6 July 2007


Alot of stuff has happened since I last made a decent post to this blog.

First off, I got my exam results through the post, and I passed everything! Woohoo!

Secondly, I've got a new phone. It's a Motorola K1 in silver and it's pretty smecksie. I've been after it for a while now, but the Carphone Warehouse never had it in stock in silver. I kept bugging them for two weeks asking if they had it in in silver yet. They always just replied that it wasn't in yet, but they had it in pink or blue, all the while nodding like they really thought I should get the blue one and stop bugging them for the silver one. I think they got fed up of me in the end. Anyways, I ordered it and got my new phone in silver. Yay! I opened it and it's so cool. It doesn't quite look like it did in the picture though, and I kinda wish I got it in blue now after all that. Oh well, silver's still pretty damn cool. Everyone else has a black phone, and I like to be different.

I got a 1GB memory card for it too to put music and stuff on. Now, being a BSc Computing student, you wouldn't have thought that the size of a memory card would suprise me, but those MicroSD cards are tiny! I'm making an effort to never take it out of my phone, because if I do it will be instantly lost. Honestly, if it was any smaller you'd need a microscope to see it. Makes you laugh when you look back at old computers. My Atari back in the good ol' days had a 1MB (!) hard drive, and was massive. Now I have a 1GB hard drive smaller than my fingernail.

I've had the week off work this week, which was good, because I needed a break from it, but I've spent the whole week making my sister's costume for Ashburton Carnival tomorrow, and it's been rather stressful. I've got it done now, so I'm making the most of the few hours left of my 5 day break from work.

Cosplay is coming along well. I managed to nag Dad enough to cut out Fujin's pinwheel for me the other night, and I'm in the middle of painting it at the moment. It looks so cool!

It reminds me of Kingdom Hearts at the moment. The colours do it. Once I've shaded it and done the patterns on the spikes though it should be fully into the realm of Final Fantasy. I'm completely in love with it. Some awesome photos are going to come out of that pinwheel once I'm in costume. You just can't help but pose with it.

I knew I wouldn't be able to get it all the way to Leicester in one piece. I've only had it two days and broken one of the spikes. Well, not broken, but just bent and splintered a bit. Luckily, by the time I've finished painting it, you won't be able to tell. More in progress pictures of the pinwheel will be going up on shortly.

Panto meeting on Tuesday, which I'm very much looking forward to. I've read the script through three times now, and it gets funnier every time. Shame most people will only get to see it once.

I told my dad I've been thinking about my 21st birthday party, and he won't shut up about it now. Bearing in mind that my birthday is in DECEMBER. I wouldn't mind so much if it was just a month or two away.

Okay, I'm out of things to write now.

Oh yeah, I got a new bag and it has Pacman on it! Woohoo!

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