Sunday, 26 August 2007

Death Note

I stayed up long past midnight last night reading the last volume of Death Note. Now I have to go to work and I'm all tired, but it was so worth it. What a fantastic series!

Death Note spoilers below. Highlight to read.


I always knew that Light was going to die in the end. Sophie spoiled that one for me before I even started reading Death Note, but it was still quite scary when it happened. To begin with, I couldn't see how it was going to happen when Light met with Near. Near had this brilliant plan that would be sure to reveal that Light was Kira, but Light was one step ahead of that. Of course, Near was one step ahead of Light being one step ahead. You see, in order to get rid of the evidence, Light gave his Death Note to Teru who was going to do the killings instead. So, Near figures out about Teru, and that he was going to turn up at their secret meeting, learn of Near's real name with his shinigami eyes and kill him. So, to stop that, Near gets hold of Teru's Death Note in secret and replaces the page that would correspond to that day with ordinary writing paper. Light figures out that Near would do that, so had Teru carry around with him a fake Death Note, so Near only replaced the pages of a fake Death Note and Light told him to bring the real one to the secret meeting and kill Near. So, when Near brags about how Teru's only written everybody's name in a fake notebook, Light laughs just at the end of the 40 seconds after their names have been written down and they're theoretically all about to die of a heart attack, Light admits in front of everyone that he was Kira and that he has won. Then, nobody dies. Light and Teru can't figure out why. Near tells us that he had figured out about Light figuring out about Near figuring out about Light figuring out about Near, and realised that the supposed Death Note they replaced the pages in was going to be a fake, and knew that the real Death Note was elsewhere. So, Near goes to Teru's house, finds the real Death Note and replaces that one with a fake. So the 'real' Death Note Teru brought with him to kill Near and the SPK is only a fake, and was never going to work.

If that wasn't complicated enough, there's a load more stuff to this that I haven't written.

This is when Light figures out he's screwed, and needs to do something fast. But, what everyone else doesn't know is that he has a small piece of the Death Note hidden inside his watch. He turns his back and gets the piece out as quickly as he can to write Near's name down so he will die. Matsuda realises what is happening and shoots Light's hand, to stop him from writing. Light's now in pain, but fights on, continuing to write Near's name with his blood. Light gets shot again. Light's now bleeding to death, and utterly defeated. He looks around. Mikami can't write Near's name in the notebook because he's handcuffed, Misa is back at the hotel and Takada is dead. He then turns to his only hope, Ryuk. Ryuk says he'll do it, and gets his own Death Note out, but after writing, reveals that it's not Near's name he's written, but Light's, and he now has forty seconds before he's going to die of a heart attack. Light screams and shouts alot then, and then he dies.

Then there's a bit like a year later, and Near has become the new L, and there's a picture of Near lying on the floor with his toys eating chocolate, and that made me want to start crying. The significance of eating chocolate will mean nothing to you unless you've read it, but it made me want to cry because it was kinda in the memory of Mello, who died helping to capture Kira.

I was gutted when Mello died. When Mello kidnapped Takada, she had a secret piece of the Death Note hidden in her bra, and the only thing she could do was the write Mello's name in the Death Note. Made me want to punch Takada. Mello was one of my favourite characters!


Okay, rant over. I doubt any of you understood any of that, but I needed a Death Note rant, and in Sophie's absense, my blog was the first available target.

Bad news - I now have nothing to read.
Good news - I can now watch the two Death Note movies without spoiling the ending for myself :)

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