Monday, 27 August 2007

A debate

I like reading yaoi. All the boys in it are sexy. But it's sad to think that if they really existed they wouldn't like you because they're gay. BUT, if they were straight, would they stop being as sexy?


In my opinion, yes. Look at it this way. Mikuni from Eerie Queerie is quite a nasty person. When he's doing stuff to the other boys, all the girls are thinking about is how sexy he looks when he's doing that. However, if he was doing the same things to a woman, everyone would say he was sick and twisted.


Emperor Sabranan said...


The way the female mind works with regards to finding guys attractive is something i've not looked into nor do I care to.

That being said, for me, if it were lesbians they'd still be just as physically attractive being straight, they'd just not be so sexy in the things they do.

Anyone consider writing whatever the hell this is with bisexual guys instead?

Ceri said...

Yeah, that's the type of thing I mean, except if they were all straight, their sexiness would be SEVERELY diminished, not just a little bit.

Ooh, they're having a yaoi night at ALcon, I've been told. As if ALcon couldn't possible get any better.

Emperor Sabranan said...

So what we have is, being gay makes them sexually attractive for some reason. Which is strange since that implicitly means that they would not be attracted to you. For most girls I would have thought it must be the idea that gay guys are more sensitive, more open minded, more compassionate maybe then a straight guy? More like them I guess.

But you... Since everyone you’ve fancied has been completely unattainable, gay or not, I would suggest that’s the key. Being straight increases the subconscious feeling that (assuming we’re not letting something little like non-existence get in the way) someday they might fancy you.

Ceri said...

Yes, I do believe that being gay makes someone more sexually attractive (at least for me, anyway), but not camp. Camp people are not sexy.

However, going back to Mikuni from Eerie Queerie, I find him quite sexy, but he's not at all sensitive, open minded or compassionate. Quite the opposite.