Thursday, 2 August 2007

I feel like a prettiful princess

It's not even half finished yet, and I'm already completely in love with my lolita dress.

They say you know that your lolita dress is on the right track when it makes you want to bring out the stuffed toys and hold a tea party with them. I certainly do!


Emperor Sabranan said...

Ok on every other pic you show your face but not this one... Why?

Ceri said...

Because I don't like my face in this pic. Although I don't really know myself why I decided not to show it on my blog but DID show it in the same pic on my coscom gallery.

Emperor Sabranan said...

Yeah lol I wondered about that too... Especially since you list the coplay site as one of your links on this site so anyone reading could just go there.

I dunno why you don't like that though, looks wise that's probably the best you've posted so far.

Ceri said...

I think the subconscious reasoning behind it is this:

This is a personal blog, and the majority of the people reading this blog will know me personally, so I don't want to post horrible pictures of me.

On the other hand, the vast majority of the people viewing my pictures don't know me personally, and are mostly interested in the costume and not so much the person wearing it.