Saturday, 18 August 2007


Haha, if only it was that easy.

If it was that easy though, Death Note would only last until the end of volume 2 instead on going on til volume 12 while everyone else tries to figure out whether or not Light is Kira.

Death Note is honestly the best manga I have ever read. I'd highly recommend it to everyone.

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I love how cute this is. Aww, cute little L.

Near is my new favourite Death Note character now though. He's so cute, his clothes are all too big for him, he's so smart he makes Artemis Fowl look like an idiot.

I just wanna hug him!

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I like his socks!

Yes, I am completely obsessed with Death Note at the moment.

Well, with me, every summer usually gets associated with a book - the one I'm reading that takes me all summer to read. 2005 was Dragon Rider, 2006 was Artemis Fowl The Lost Colony, and now it seems 2007 is Death Note.

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