Monday, 24 September 2007

My personality

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Emperor Sabranan said...

Cool, here's mine:

The big differences are:

1. You're even more of an introvert than me! Look at your Multiple Intelligences, interpersonal down there at 5%, wow! You have no extravert tendancies at all!

2. From the Sensing/Intuition balance it seems you notice the world around you more than me, while I prefer my own head.

3. You're FAR more emotional than me, which is to be expected from a female who's so... Piscean.

4. I'm more judgemental than you, but we knew that anyways.

Ceri said...

I don't think I'm as introverted as that test would have you believe. It's the way some of the questions were. There's alot of time when I enjoy being on my own, sometimes above being with other people. However, there are other times when I'd much rather prefer to be with other people. It just depends on the situation. I mean, you've gotta be at least a little bit extroverted to do panto, right?

Emperor Sabranan said...

Well, panto is a bit different. Panto is acting, as in the expression of a character, not you. Most people require some form of expression and acting allows you to do it, while keeping yourself completely veiled.

Ceri said...

But then while I act quite introverted at times, I think it's more of the real me coming out in panto. I get into that hall and all of a sudden I'm extroverted!

Emperor Sabranan said...

Of course. Just like you are on the net.

It's the same thing, if you can shield your own personality from direct observation you don't mind.

If not, then the sensitivity kicks in.