Thursday, 6 September 2007

Tokyopop ReCon

Well, ReCon was last night, and I head off to ALcon tonight, so this is going to be my final post for a few days until I get back from Leicester.

Not being a sore loser, but I honestly can't understand the voting criteria for the cosplay competition at ReCon. With me, I look at the effort that's gone into a given costume, amongst various other things. Well, the little girl who won was probably getting a sympathy vote or something. When they started the cosplay competition, they gave all the cosplayers a number, then we had to line up and introduce ourselves one by one. So, I'm number 17, Sophie's 19, and there's the little girl who's 18 in between us. She'd come as a heartless from Kingdom Hearts. It pretty much consisted of pipe cleaners on her head and a black t-shirt that had a heartless symbol drawn on it, and her face painted black. So anyway, cosplay contest starts. The MC says that all the cosplayers have gotta come up one by one, tell them their name, their age, what character they've come as and from what series it's from. This is when the girl starts to panic a little bit, because she doesn't know what series she's from! Aw, bless. Older sister appears and tells her it's Kingdom Hearts. I think she was the KH fan, not the little girl. Anyway, she ended up winning. Not being a sore loser, but there were alot of good cosplayers there who'd obviously put alot of effort into their costumes. It just annoys me when people like us spend 3 months making costumes when the person who wins probably didn't spend any more than three hours. On the plus side though, I did get a huge cheer when it was my turn. I didn't know if it was just me hearing things when I'm nervous or something, but afterwards Sophie said that everyone cheered really loud for me. I think big badass pinwheel was a part of that.

Oh, then there was the art competition. I finally have a picture of what me and Sophie did.

Now, it's a picture of Organisation XIII from Kingdom Hearts with some yaoi/yuri themes going on. So, when you get there, you give in your artwork and they hang it on the wall for everybody to vote on later. So, me and Sophie are lining up on the stairs waiting for the cosplay to start, and there's these two boys there looking at all the artwork. They're young and they're male - I wouldn't expect them to know anything about yaoi. But anyway, they're commenting on our picture, and they're like 'Whoever drew that must have been gay!' I felt this big smile spread across my face.

Oh yeah, this is what I drew by the way. The lighting wasn't very good when I took this picture, and my scanner is broke, so it all looks a little bit yellow.

What else?

Oh yeah! On the way there, me and everyone else set up a glomp contest to see who would get glomped first. The favourite to win was Luke. He was wearing a costume from a well known manga series, and was overall the most likely to get mobbed by screaming fangirls. Anyway, I won. Waiting for the cosplay contest to begin, this boy comes up to me and asks for a hug. After he was gone I was like 'YES! I WON!' So that was a victory for me.

Oh, and there was a really nice girl there cosplaying as Reno from Final Fantasy 7, and she gave me some pocky! Yay! I'd never tried the chocolate flavour before, so that was cool. They only sell strawberry and banana flavours at uni.

And against all the odds, my pinwheel is still in one piece! That's a load off my mind. I don't have to work my ass off today painting my replacement to take to ALcon. I was talking to the Reno girl who really liked my pinwheel. She was so excited when I told her I had ANOTHER one at home. I liked her rod though. It was cool. She said she was making a keyblade at home, but it went mouldy in her garage. ^_~ Isn't that always the way?

There was a guy cosplaying as Itachi from Naruto. I don't know that much about Naruto, but Sophie was cosplaying Sakura from Naruto, and the Itachi guy was seriously in character. All I know is this: Sakura = good. Itachi = evil. He was floating around in the background making everyone else feel a little bit uncomfortable. He was really freaking Sophie out. In the anime/manga they're enemies. We were waiting for a ninja duel to break out.

And then we went to McDonald's after, and that was fun. This guy came up to us asking to borrow 40p, but we said no because he was obviously going to use it to buy more alcohol. Now, you've gotta remember that we're still dressed up at this point. I'm sporting grey hair and an eyepatch. I felt like saying this: 'Okay, I wouldn't expect you to know this, but we're cosplayers. Now, I want you to go research the cosplay hobby, and come back and ask us again afterwards if you still think we have money to be giving away.' Having spare money and being a cosplayer is kinda an oxymoron. Every spare penny we had had been spent on the costumes.

Oh yeah, and on the way to McDonalds there were these group of chav girls walking past looking at us. Me and Luke were walking up ahead, and Sophie and Corinne were behind. Anyway, these girls look at me and Luke and said 'Are you meant to be Harry Potter or something?' ULTIMATE INSULT! Honestly, I wanted to lash out and punch someone.

So yeah, off to ALcon tonight. Sorry about the long post. Imagine. You get a post this long after a con that lasted two hours. Imagine the post you're going to get on Tuesday when I return from my con that lasted three days. :D

Okay, photos. We don't actually have any from the con. We've only got before and after.
Here's the gallery:

Obviously, they're in the 5th September ReCon folder, but there's a few new ones in my Fujin folder now too. Enjoy!

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