Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Today is the beginning of the weekend for me. A very long weekend. It's seriously going to be the best 5 days of my life. I'm off to the manga night tonight, which is going to be good, then I'm off to Leicester for ALcon tomorrow night, and I won't be coming back until Monday afternoon!

Here I am posting about how close ALcon is, while next to me there is a suitcase that still needs to be packed, a wig that needs to be finished cutting and styled, a half finished pinwheel (I've given up on that front now - just hoping my first one remains intact tonight so I never have to use the replacement) and various other odds and bobs that still need sorting. I still need to finish learning my skit lines too.

The things I go through for cosplay.

After note - at the request of my mother, I have to say it's going to be the best 5 days of my life SO FAR. Apparently my wedding is going to be quite good. Shouldn't I be the judge of that?

I've thought about having a lolita wedding. How cool would that be? The average lolita dress, although still expensive, is still a good bit cheaper than the average wedding dress.

Then again, I want a long dress, and long is kinda against the definition of lolita.

I'm not mad enough to have a cosplay wedding. I love cosplay, but I don't think I'd cosplay to my wedding. Having said that though, the outfits that Yuna and Seymour had in their wedding in Final Fantasy X were awesome. The wedding dress though is a bit on the skimpy side. Watch out future husband - we'd better get married in the winter or you're going to melt in those robes.

Yes, Yuna's dress IS a little bit skimpy. What you can't see from this picture is the bottom of the dress (or lack of it).

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