Tuesday, 30 October 2007

We must let him kiss the bicep!

Loving the current Gaia storyline. Best plot so far in my opinion.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Yaoi quote of the moment

'If you're going to touch, then grab the thing! If you're not, then quit teasing!'
Hiroki - Junjo Romantica, Volume 4.

It was either that or this:

'What's all the ruckus? Are you having an orgy without me? You rascals.'
Mikuni - Eerie Queerie, Volume 3.

The second one isn't actually as dirty as it sounds. The first one is. :P

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Media of the Moment

I've been into the Dresden Dolls for a while, but never really went to the bother of looking for songs. Rather, I just had the few that came to me through other means.

But I've looked them up on Youtube now, and I love this song.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Just did a count of my panto lines so far. I have 79, and we still haven't got the final scene! I've more than broken my line count record. If I could get 21 or more lines in the final scene (quite possible, actually) I'd have over 100!

Anyway, last night's rehearsal rocked so much. To begin with, we all got two more scenes for our script, so that was really exciting to read. I feel so sorry for Ali now. I have a real bond with him, and he's really upset in the next two scenes, which makes me really upset! God, I'm so sad.

New favourite line:

'Well, Alkazar found our secret hiding place and then I dropped the orb and now he's going to kill me and I didn't know where else to go...'

While at the same time collapsing on the floor and blubbering away to the princess. I love dramatic stuff like that. And the princess' response to that?

'Well, I'm glad you came here. I can protect you. We can hide in my bedroom.'

Ah, good stuff in that script.

We were told last week we had to learn the lines for scene six (the lovey-dovey scene in which Ali falls madly in love with the princess and vice-versa), so they were all over my walls in preparation for last night. Anyway, I learnt them so we could do it without the scripts, which was a little bit nervewracking. Me and my princess had a chance to practice with each other in another room while everyone else was rehearsing the first scene (Ali and Sapphire have only just been born in that scene, and already they're arranging our marriage!) What we didn't know was that once we were up on stage that the director was going to turn all of the hall lights off and just leave the stage lights on, so it was like a proper performance! It was like opening night. The adrenalin was pumping, I was beginning to wonder why in God's name I decided to be in panto and so on. The audience are shrouded in darkness. You can see people watching you but you can't see them well enough to know who it is. etc etc. But it was fantastic. I got that buzz I normally get, and there was so much energy. Plus, the jokes get a much better reaction. We made all of the cast members laugh at our jokes, even though they've heard them enough times before. Being without a script on stage is so liberating! The panto is going so well this year with our new director. Normally this time of year we wouldn't even have had our parts yet, and now here we are doing scenes perfectly with loads of energy and without scripts. In previous years, that doesn't normally happen until Christmas is long past, and now it's only October! I think the audience are in for a treat this year.

And then we did the song, and I normally hate singing, but we had good fun doing it. My voice wasn't actually that bad, since I was feeling more confident after scene six. If I can find the courage to do it every night on performance week like I did it last night I think I won't have too much to worry about. My singing voice isn't great, but I think it was at its best last night, and that made me happy.

This week we're learning scenes 2 and 3, which although is two scenes as opposed to the one last week, they're shorter, so they still add up to roughly the same amount of lines to learn. I like the way they're doing it this year. Rather than just getting to Christmas and telling everyone after the break they aren't allowed any scripts on stage and so have to learn the whole thing over Christmas, this time they're doing one or two scenes a week, which is good. Learning the lines isn't too much trouble, but it takes some effort and balancing to learn the new lines without forgetting all of the lines learnt in previous weeks. All of the lines for the scenes so far are on my wall, but the ones I need to learn for the next week get the most prestigious spots (the bathroom wall, my bedroom wall next to the light switch and my computer wallpaper), since that's what I look at the most often. Meanwhile, lines from previous weeks are beginning to fill the space on my bedroom door. I'm not putting up lines from scenes we don't need to learn yet, or I'll just confuse myself. Don't want too much of an information overload.

There's murmur of tickets being on sale before Christmas this year - I'll let everyone know when that happens.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


God, customers this weekend.

At work I was put on the trawler boats. This basically consists of customers jumping in this little boat and driving around the lake for ten minutes. There's a steering wheel and a switch that turns the engine on/off. That's all there is to it. So, there's me all day Saturday, helping customers in the boats and so on. Then I lift up the barrier to let the boats out of the dock and tell the customers to turn the switch. If I had a pound for every time the customers asked 'This one?'. I feel like saying 'How many other switches are there?!?!?'. One day I'm honestly going to say 'No, the other one' and laugh as the customers look for another switch. OF COURSE IT'S THAT ONE!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Media of the Moment

For those of you who aren't Death Note fans, you should know that Mello really likes chocolate.
Hey, I'm cosplaying him!

Thursday, 18 October 2007


I had my first panto dream of Ali Baba last night! Probably something to do with the fact I've been working 'hard' to get my lines learnt for scene 6 by next week, so we can do it without scripts on the stage, since they always get in the way. Scene 6 is now appearing on the walls all over my house and in all of my uni books, as well as my computer wallpaper! It's the way I learn things. I had to sing on Tuesday night. I hate singing on my own. As if that wasn't bad enough, we didn't even have any music to mask the sound of how terrible I am. Well, I'm not that bad, but I still prefer not to sing if I can possibly help it. Well, I'm loving the part of Ali Baba, but it can't all be fun. I got to uni today 8 hours early for my lecture, so I'm doing lots of stuff to pass the time. Been working on my final year project, but have got distracted from it now, so methinks I shall go down to the shops for a wander. I need to get a folder to keep my script in (once again, Ceri's hobbies distract her from academic work that really needs to be done!). Yes, I shall do that. Go downtown, get a folder, have a look around the shops, probably spend money I can't afford to, then come back, get lunch in the refectory, then come back and do some work or get distracted while I'm meant to be working. That sounds like a plan!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Media of the Moment

Only a small part of a larger movie (No Place Like Home - look it up on YouTube for the full movie), it's once again Ryan at his best. I can't get this song out of my head. I've bought the DVD set with the soundtrack. 1 - I like to give my support to their projects, since I love them so much. 2 - I want that song Ryan sings so I can play it very loudly on my CD player at some obscene hour of the morning.

Panto and Cosplay

A week on, I still can't believe I'm playing Ali Baba in the pantomime. Been learning my lines this week, and it's just like it was meant to be. For some reason, all of Ali's lines are so easy to remember. I've never found learning lines so easy before. I don't know if my memory has got better or what, but they're sticking in my head like something sticky.

Just been down to the shops to waste some more money on cosplay stuff. Got the lining for my Washu coat and fabric for her middle layer. Because I have nothing better to spend £7.50 on. Also bought some thread and some velcro. Yay!

Washu's going quite well at the moment. Will post up some photos soon.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Why do people hack?

I know I'm a yaoi fangirl, but I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one wetting myself laughing when the following slide came up in a lecture last week.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You know you're a fangirl when it takes you less than a second to decide that Kaoru is on the left and Hikaru is on the right.

I love the Hitachiin twins so much.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Panto Casting

Ah well, I've got a bit of bad news. I didn't get to play the part I wanted in the panto. I really wanted to play Brandy (and now you know what that post was a while ago), Ali's best friend. But I can live with that because I'M PLAYING ALI BABA!!!!!! Oh my god, so excited! I just can't believe it!

I actually knew about this a week ago, but didn't want to post because there was still a small chance I might play Brandy instead, but last night was the official announcement of the roles (as opposed to a chat in the pub with the director last week like I had). But I'm so happy. I was never expecting to be Ali. I thought he was completely out of my league. This could quite possibly be the best role I get in my lifetime, so I'm gonna go all out for it.

Oh yes, principal boy, which means I get to wear tights and hot pants and I get to do the kind of solo singing that can't be talked/shouted/drowned out by someone else. On the plus side, I get to wear all of the ridiculous disguises that the thieves wear (because not only is Ali a prince, but he's also one of the thieves too, so I get lots of costumes!) and I get to wander around in the audience! This is a dream of mine - I've always wanted to do the stuff they do when people do stuff off of the stage, and now I think I'm doing it twice in the same panto! Yes! It's a really good panto. There are so many points in rehearsals last night when I was struggling to keep a straight face. I know I'll be desensitized to it by the time February comes, but at the moment I'm struggling not to wet myself laughing when Brandy grabs hold of my leg and rolls around on the floor, especially when Ali's not supposed to notice. She's got me in a bear hug! How can Ali NOT notice that? Haha. I've been promised a newspaper for Ali to read in that section.

But yeah, lots of lines to learn now, but I always rise to that. I've never had a problem with lines. This will be my third panto now (technically the fourth, but Peter Pan doesn't really count because we stopped it before we got to the point where we knew our lines) and I've never forgotten a line in a performance. Oh god, now I've jinxed it! But yeah, now I'm gonna type up my lines and stick them in various places where I'll keep seeing them. I learn my lines by exposing myself to them so often every day, I can't help but remember them. I can't sit down for an hour or two and learn my lines - my brain doesn't function that way.

In think they've done a really good job on the casting this year. I think everyone's got a part they like and everyone really fits the characters they've been given.

Happy day!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


I've just got to the end of volume nine of Ouran. I thought that was the last one, but got to the end and it didn't feel like an ending. So, I look on the internet, and there's at least one more book. That would be awesome if it wasn't released until February 2008! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!! WHY??!!?!?!?!?!?!?

On the plus side though, it turns out Junjo Romantica 4 comes out today. I didn't think it was until next week. Ah well, good for me.

That's still no consolation for the fact that I'm not getting any more Ouran this year. Just think. I'm getting cast in the panto tonight. By the time the new Ouran comes out, the panto will be done. God, that's a depressing thought.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Alcon vid

Hey! I was there! Thank god they didn't show ALL of the cosplayers, or I'd be in that video! Phew! I didn't actually get to see the Iron Artist competition, since I was at the masquerade.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Supernaturalist


Oh my god! There's going to be another Supernaturalist book! YES!

The ending kind of left it possible for another book, but we never knew if there was going to be another one.

I'm completely resisting the urge at the moment to read the end of that interview. I know there's alot of stuff about Artemis 6 in there that I don't wanna know. Well I DO wanna know, but in the end it only spoils it for me when I read the book. I don't even read the blurb on the back before I finish it. I know a little bit of info on book 6 now, and that's enough. It's possibly already too much.


I have a brilliant secret to tell you all, but you're not allowed to know until Wednesday. Haha.

Artemis Fowl Graphic Novel

I'm really disappointed. The Artemis Fowl graphic novel came out today, and here's me rushing to the shops to buy it. And yet I go to every book shop in Plymouth and none of them have it out on display. I ask at both Waterstone's branches and they all say it's upstairs and can't find it at the moment. WH Smith doesn't even have it in stock. I'm just really disappointed in them. If it was a Harry Potter graphic novel, then all of the shops would have copies left, right and centre. So now I've ordered it from Amazon, but it's not going to come until next week now, even with first class delivery. I'm rather upset. I'm such a huge Artemis fan. I'm all depressed now. I feel like a dwarf who's just been told he has to marry a goblin. I feel like Foaly having his computer confiscated. I feel like Artemis finding out someone is smarter than him. I feel like Juliet being banned from watching wrestling on TV. I feel like Chix Verbil being sentenced to never seeing another girl again. I feel like Opal having her truffles stolen. I feel like...

Okay, enough of the Artemis Fowl analogies. I'm just really upset.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


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Okay, I don't watch it, I read it, but hey, same difference.

Yes, Ouran is something of an obsession right now. Not as bad as I was with Death Note, but getting there. :P


Namaphor? What's a namaphor?

Try saying the question out loud in a cockney accent.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Ouran and Death Note

I've ordered all the other volumes of Ouran High School Host Club from Amazon, and now here I am waiting for them to come through the post. God, the suspense is terrible. I want them to be here NOW! It's a really good manga. It makes me laugh alot.

Hoping to do a group Ouran cosplay at a future manga night. But we're doing Death Note now. I've got Rem. Honestly the hardest costume in the world to make, but will be so worth it. And if it doesn't come together, then I'll be Mello or Matt instead. Haha. But yeah, either way I'm part of a group Death Note cosplay.

There she is. I know, I'm insane to try and make that costume. It's gonna be hell to wear. I won't be sitting down in that costume, I tell ya. And I gotta be careful not to take anyone's eye out with the spines on her shoulders (since they're actually quite a bit longer than in that picture). What this picture also doesn't show is her wings, but they're optional. They're only worth doing if I can make them move (don't laugh at me, I know it's possible, it's just a case of time/money/effort involved).
So far for our group Death Note cosplay we've got Rem, Misa, Light and Near. Possibly an L too, but we have to persuade him first. L and Light won't be chained together though. The two people cosplaying them would end up killing each other before the end of the night if they had to stay together. It doesn't matter what happened in Death Note, they're not being chained together. Sorry fangirls. It'd be awesome if we could get a Ryuk as well, but I know how difficult Rem is going to be, so I'm not going to ask anyone to put the same amount of effort into Ryuk. Non-human characters are not easy to do. At least I've got Mello or Matt to fall back on if it all goes tits up.
Mello - as if I need an excuse to eat chocolate for the whole time at a convention. Teehee.
In the past six months, I've been turning into a proper otaku. I've been into manga for years now, but since I started cosplaying it's grown to a whole new level.