Thursday, 4 October 2007

Artemis Fowl Graphic Novel

I'm really disappointed. The Artemis Fowl graphic novel came out today, and here's me rushing to the shops to buy it. And yet I go to every book shop in Plymouth and none of them have it out on display. I ask at both Waterstone's branches and they all say it's upstairs and can't find it at the moment. WH Smith doesn't even have it in stock. I'm just really disappointed in them. If it was a Harry Potter graphic novel, then all of the shops would have copies left, right and centre. So now I've ordered it from Amazon, but it's not going to come until next week now, even with first class delivery. I'm rather upset. I'm such a huge Artemis fan. I'm all depressed now. I feel like a dwarf who's just been told he has to marry a goblin. I feel like Foaly having his computer confiscated. I feel like Artemis finding out someone is smarter than him. I feel like Juliet being banned from watching wrestling on TV. I feel like Chix Verbil being sentenced to never seeing another girl again. I feel like Opal having her truffles stolen. I feel like...

Okay, enough of the Artemis Fowl analogies. I'm just really upset.

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