Monday, 1 October 2007

Ouran and Death Note

I've ordered all the other volumes of Ouran High School Host Club from Amazon, and now here I am waiting for them to come through the post. God, the suspense is terrible. I want them to be here NOW! It's a really good manga. It makes me laugh alot.

Hoping to do a group Ouran cosplay at a future manga night. But we're doing Death Note now. I've got Rem. Honestly the hardest costume in the world to make, but will be so worth it. And if it doesn't come together, then I'll be Mello or Matt instead. Haha. But yeah, either way I'm part of a group Death Note cosplay.

There she is. I know, I'm insane to try and make that costume. It's gonna be hell to wear. I won't be sitting down in that costume, I tell ya. And I gotta be careful not to take anyone's eye out with the spines on her shoulders (since they're actually quite a bit longer than in that picture). What this picture also doesn't show is her wings, but they're optional. They're only worth doing if I can make them move (don't laugh at me, I know it's possible, it's just a case of time/money/effort involved).
So far for our group Death Note cosplay we've got Rem, Misa, Light and Near. Possibly an L too, but we have to persuade him first. L and Light won't be chained together though. The two people cosplaying them would end up killing each other before the end of the night if they had to stay together. It doesn't matter what happened in Death Note, they're not being chained together. Sorry fangirls. It'd be awesome if we could get a Ryuk as well, but I know how difficult Rem is going to be, so I'm not going to ask anyone to put the same amount of effort into Ryuk. Non-human characters are not easy to do. At least I've got Mello or Matt to fall back on if it all goes tits up.
Mello - as if I need an excuse to eat chocolate for the whole time at a convention. Teehee.
In the past six months, I've been turning into a proper otaku. I've been into manga for years now, but since I started cosplaying it's grown to a whole new level.

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Anonymous said...

Rem is male in that original Japanese version.