Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Panto Casting

Ah well, I've got a bit of bad news. I didn't get to play the part I wanted in the panto. I really wanted to play Brandy (and now you know what that post was a while ago), Ali's best friend. But I can live with that because I'M PLAYING ALI BABA!!!!!! Oh my god, so excited! I just can't believe it!

I actually knew about this a week ago, but didn't want to post because there was still a small chance I might play Brandy instead, but last night was the official announcement of the roles (as opposed to a chat in the pub with the director last week like I had). But I'm so happy. I was never expecting to be Ali. I thought he was completely out of my league. This could quite possibly be the best role I get in my lifetime, so I'm gonna go all out for it.

Oh yes, principal boy, which means I get to wear tights and hot pants and I get to do the kind of solo singing that can't be talked/shouted/drowned out by someone else. On the plus side, I get to wear all of the ridiculous disguises that the thieves wear (because not only is Ali a prince, but he's also one of the thieves too, so I get lots of costumes!) and I get to wander around in the audience! This is a dream of mine - I've always wanted to do the stuff they do when people do stuff off of the stage, and now I think I'm doing it twice in the same panto! Yes! It's a really good panto. There are so many points in rehearsals last night when I was struggling to keep a straight face. I know I'll be desensitized to it by the time February comes, but at the moment I'm struggling not to wet myself laughing when Brandy grabs hold of my leg and rolls around on the floor, especially when Ali's not supposed to notice. She's got me in a bear hug! How can Ali NOT notice that? Haha. I've been promised a newspaper for Ali to read in that section.

But yeah, lots of lines to learn now, but I always rise to that. I've never had a problem with lines. This will be my third panto now (technically the fourth, but Peter Pan doesn't really count because we stopped it before we got to the point where we knew our lines) and I've never forgotten a line in a performance. Oh god, now I've jinxed it! But yeah, now I'm gonna type up my lines and stick them in various places where I'll keep seeing them. I learn my lines by exposing myself to them so often every day, I can't help but remember them. I can't sit down for an hour or two and learn my lines - my brain doesn't function that way.

In think they've done a really good job on the casting this year. I think everyone's got a part they like and everyone really fits the characters they've been given.

Happy day!

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