Thursday, 18 October 2007


I had my first panto dream of Ali Baba last night! Probably something to do with the fact I've been working 'hard' to get my lines learnt for scene 6 by next week, so we can do it without scripts on the stage, since they always get in the way. Scene 6 is now appearing on the walls all over my house and in all of my uni books, as well as my computer wallpaper! It's the way I learn things. I had to sing on Tuesday night. I hate singing on my own. As if that wasn't bad enough, we didn't even have any music to mask the sound of how terrible I am. Well, I'm not that bad, but I still prefer not to sing if I can possibly help it. Well, I'm loving the part of Ali Baba, but it can't all be fun. I got to uni today 8 hours early for my lecture, so I'm doing lots of stuff to pass the time. Been working on my final year project, but have got distracted from it now, so methinks I shall go down to the shops for a wander. I need to get a folder to keep my script in (once again, Ceri's hobbies distract her from academic work that really needs to be done!). Yes, I shall do that. Go downtown, get a folder, have a look around the shops, probably spend money I can't afford to, then come back, get lunch in the refectory, then come back and do some work or get distracted while I'm meant to be working. That sounds like a plan!

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