Thursday, 8 November 2007

Driving Theory Test

I'm meant to be learning to drive soon, so I took a practice theory test on the internet. Now, bearing mind that I've done NO revision or learning whatsoever, I don't think I did badly. There were fifty questions, and the pass mark is 43. I got 36, which, considering I know bugger all about driving isn't bad. I hope the questions on the real test are as stupid as those on that practice one.

Okay, they're multiple choice, but some of them are stupid answers. For example:

Q. As you are driving, a red van pulls out close in front of you. What should you do?
Option: Accelerate to get as close to the van as possible.
To allow the van to get even closer.

Q. An accident has occurred and a passenger has a broken arm which is bleeding badly. Why should you try to keep the arm raised?
Option: To allow the casualty to be seen more easily.
Because a crumpled up car isn't easily spotted by emergency services. There are so many of them about these days.

Q. You are involved in an accident and a passenger is unconscious. What should you do?
Option: Clear away any glass.
Yes, I should make sure the area is tidy. Screw the ambulance, this place is a mess.

Q. Which kind of driving is most likely to put other people at risk?
Option: Considerate.
Option: Careful.
Option: Eco-friendly.
Something tells me it must be the final option: Competitive.

Q. A bus has pulled over at a bus stop. You should:
Option: Sound your horn continuously whilst overtaking the bus.
Yes, because buses don't have wing mirrors to see you, and the world isn't a loud enough place.

I really hope the real test has stupid questions like that.

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