Friday, 28 December 2007


I always said I was never going to do a Masters Degree. It costs ALOT of money to do, and I never thought there was a subject that I had enough passion for that I would want to study so intensively at that level.

However, I was wrong. Behold, the MA/PgDip in Creative Writing.

I am seriously considering this. However, there is a slight hiccup. At the moment, I honestly can't see myself getting a 2:1 in my Computing degree. I need a 2:1 for me to be a secondary teacher, unless I can back it up with 60 or more Masters credits. The catch? You need a 2:1 to take a Masters degree. I'm enquiring about this at the moment to the university, to see if there are any other routes of entry, but I honestly don't know what's going to happen. I'd so love to take this course. It sounds right up my street.

In order to prepare myself, I shall now procede to stop using all of the incorrect writing habits I have picked up over the years, which I continue to use, despite the fact I know that they are wrong.

You'll notice in that last sentence, there were no apostrophes. Using contractions like 'I'll' is wrong. The correct wording is 'I will' or 'I shall'. Yes, you'll notice this sentence is wrong.

I mean, look at that degree! THE DISSERTATION IS AWESOME! I would so love to do that!
Hmm... I wonder if I could get away with just handing in Eschaton to them. Dissertation done, no extra work. HA!

But yeah, I'm not holding my breath.

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