Monday, 31 December 2007

Things that happened to me in 2007

  • I cosplayed for the first time! It was brilliant.
  • I went to my first anime convention! ALcon was fantastic. I'm going back next year, as well as going to Amecon as well.
  • I finished writing yet another book, which is still being worked on and revised.
  • I started my final year at university (well, with any luck it wont be my final year, but it should be my final year of BSc Computing)
  • I got into shonen-ai, and after shonen-ai, yaoi inevitably followed. Sigh, I was such an innocent girl back in 2006...
  • I started to learn to drive.
  • I got awarded the part of principal boy in Ali Baba! It's been an ambition of mine to play either principal boy or girl since I started panto four years ago, so now I think I can die happy.
  • I watched Shock Treatment for the first time - it's now one of my favourite films.
  • I went to the Rocky Horror Show in the theatre, and dressed up as Magenta. That was really fun.
  • I went on a train all by myself for the first time!
  • I got into several new series of manga, including but not limited to Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, and several series of yaoi.
  • I got into Phoenix Wright - now one of my favourite games.
  • I got into a new band - The Dresden Dolls
  • I went to see the Blues Brothers in the theatre, and Beauty and the Beast as well.
  • I got a new printer/scanner
  • After having not really been into Dragonball Z that much for a few years now, I bought the manga when I decided to cosplay Android 18, and it was AMAZING. I was completely hooked. After that I went out and bought the Dragonball manga as well, but it wasnt as good as Z.
  • I got the new Final Fantasy game, which turned out to be a disappointment, really...
  • As did the Artemis Fowl graphic novel...
  • And the new series of Tenchi Muyo...
  • I actually bought a copy of the Bible. Not for religious purposes, but for reference when I need to know stuff about stuff.

I'm sure I'll think of some more stuff later.

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