Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Last night was possibly the best rehearsal we have EVER had. It was so much fun. We did the last scene of the panto last night, which we had never done before, having only got the script for it the week before. I felt so happy at the end. I felt like I had actually got married! It really is the best wedding ceremony ever. I'm stood there trying not to laugh! It's such a serious ceremony but it's just so funny nobody can help but laugh. It's so good! I had my doubts about the ending, but now we've rehearsed it, I think it's good.

There are still issues though - for example, the song at the end of the first act. Although it's a whole cast song, the vast majority is sung by Ali and Sapphire, and our voices just aren't compatible. If we have the song low enough for me to be able to hit all the notes well, it's too low for Sapphire to sing, but if we put it a bit higher so that Sapphire is comfortable, I'd say at least 50% of the notes are then beyond my comfortable reach. Gah!

Lines are going well. I'm not really having too much trouble learning them. Lines have never been a problem for me really, apart from finding the time to learn them. But they all seem to be in there now, and there's not really a problem any more. Yay!

I normally try to compress my lines down so I can print them all out on one A4 sheet, but this year I've had a lot more lines than I ever have before, so maybe this year I'll have to do them on two A4 sheets. The sheets help since I can print out a million copies and stick them everywhere, so anywhere I go I see my lines and they work themselves into my brain every time I see them.

But overall, panto's going well.

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