Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Panto week is upon us

The most amazing week of the year is here, and it's started off with quite a bang!

The dress rehearsal yesterday was fantastic. We had a bigger crowd than we normally have, and they absolutely loved it. It really helped us all get into the spirit.

My nerves are becoming a problem though. Normally I get nervous for 5 minutes on the opening night, but now I'm nervous most of the time, including on stage (my hands were shaking tonight. Not good!) but I think I get through it well enough.

Tonight was the best opening night we have ever had in panto history. We all had low expectations for the opening night. The type of people who go out on Tuesday nights arent the loud type, and we only sold half of the tickets prior to the show, but it managed to turn itself around. We were all watching the TV backstage, and the audience were laughing at the narrator two lines into the panto! We knew then we were going to do okay. Later on, when I make my first appearance in scene 2, I poke my head out of the wings as usual, and there's not an empty seat in sight. I was stunned! We had so many people turn up on the door. It all worked out amazingly.

We made quite a few mess ups tonight, but nothing major, and we managed to get through it. The audience loved it. They always laugh when things go wrong.

I just hope the rest of the week is as good as tonight.

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