Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Post Panto Report

God, what a horrible feeling this is. Nothing worth looking forward to. Tuesday nights will now be as boring as all the rest of the week.

Panto went fantastically. Both of the Saturday performances were amazing. I still can’t quite believe we didn’t have any bad audiences. Every year we normally have one audience who just don’t want to laugh or anything, but this year it didn’t happen! All of our audiences loved it, so that’s a really good thing. We managed to almost sell out Tuesday night too, which amazed us all.

I’m sad that it’s all over, but glad in a way. I absolutely loved Ali to death and although I enjoyed every second of the panto, it was such hard work, so I’ll be glad to just have a rest (for a week maybe :P After that I’ll start getting into withdrawal symptoms).

I’m going to miss seeing the video of the stag night every day. It never stopped being funny. Quite the opposite, actually. It got funnier every time I saw it.

We all got t-shirts given to us afterwards, which was awesome. Mine’s got the infamous photo of me on it passed out and tied up outside Chagford with the traffic cone on my head. Fantastic. Just amazing. I love it so much.

I’ve got a fair few other souvenirs of the panto too. There were some props, costumes and scenery that just weren’t worth the variety group keeping, so we got to take them home.

  • · The magazine I was reading in scene 2.
  • · The newspaper I was reading in scene 5.
  • · The grey coat with ‘Thief 39’ on the back that I wore for almost the entire duration of the panto.
  • · The Co-Op uniform badge that Ali wore in scene 8.
  • · Two sets of butterflies that were hanging from the roof on the wedding.

My lines are still all over the walls in my house, as if I don’t know them by now. I can’t bear to take them down.

Things I'm going to miss about the pantomime:

  • Going out every Tuesday and Friday night and having loads of fun
  • Getting interesting emails from the panto guys talking/arguing about different panto related things
  • Learning my lines in boring university lectures. Now what am I going to do?
  • Scene nine - I loved that scene. It contained my two favourite lines of the whole panto.
  • The stag night video. Enough said.
  • Trying to keep a straight face after the Sultan says he's going to divorce the Sultana. Charlie had some classic facial expressions after that. He was such a good Sultana.

Things I'm not going to miss about the pantomime:
  • Wearing shoes that are 2 sizes too big for me and having to wear 3 pairs of thick socks to pad them out.
  • The sleep deprivation associated with the adrenalin rush that doesnt wear off until 1am the following morning.
  • Taking forever in the toilets because I'm wearing X amount of layers and not wishing to drop my radio mic in there. You have no idea how amazing it is now to be able to be just in and out of there. If I needed to use the bathroom in the middle of the show, it was just tough! No time!
  • Singing in public.
  • Hard work! Over the course of the 2 1/2 hour panto, I estimate I had about 5 minutes maximum of resting time, INCLUDING the interval.
  • Whipping off that coat when Ali finds out he's a prince. I hope I made it look easier than it was.
  • Running. Those shoes were not made for running!
Treasured panto memories:

  • The time Fiezal's slip of the tongue caused him to tell Thief 34 to go hump the camel.
  • Filming the stag night footage in Chagord. We had so many posh people walk past with their noses turned up at us in ridiculous costumes. We just shouted after them 'COME TO MORETON PANTO!!!!'
  • Forming the human pyramid in the sentry. Brilliant.
  • The first time I saw the stag night video. I laughed so much it hurt and I cried with laughter.
  • The first time we read the script for the wedding scene. It was so funny.
  • The first 4 months of Jenny (Brandy) singing Hopelessly Devoted while Ali tries not to notice. It was only a few weeks before I managed to stop finding it funny.
  • The Sultana's "sword" snapping in half in the dress rehearsal.
  • Learning a song on the Saturday about flowers and daffodils. It really was a fantastic song, especially when we got most of the cast backstage singing it in cannon.

I had such an awesome time. Can't wait til next year.

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