Sunday, 27 April 2008

New Moon

The sequel to Twlight. I was so excited when it came through the post. It killed me being at work and not being able to read it til I got home. Now I'm glad I didnt read it at work, and I'll tell you why.

Throughout my life, I've only ever cried twice at a book. Once when I was eight or nine and read The Little Matchgirl where she dies at the end, then three years ago at the fourth Artemis Fowl book. I could live with crying at books twice in my life, but this book has ruined that. I've cried so many times at this book that I've lost count. It was three last night, four this morning, and since I've come home from work I've lost count. It's not a good book in the sense that it's entertaining and makes you feel happy when you read it. It breaks my heart, but it's good in that sense. Stephenie Meyer is so skilled at writing. I feel every emotion that Bella goes through, exactly how she feels it. When Edward left her, it felt like he was leaving me. When she puts herself in danger and hallucinates hearing Edward, I get the same rush she gets. I've been moping about all day because of this book. I feel terrible because of it. I really wish I hadnt read it. It's breaking my heart. I'm still not finished yet. I've read so much though. I started it last night, and have been reading all day today, and have now read almost 400 pages of the 597. I was originally planning to order the next one online, but I think I'm gonna have to go to the shop and buy it myself, seeing the speed I'm reading it at (just waiting and praying for the chapter that I hope exists where Edward comes back). I don't think I'd be able to stand sitting here waiting for the next book to arrive.

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